Five Artists To Watch From Houston's G.O.A.T. Entertainment

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G.O.A.T. Entertainment is an indie record label based here in Houston. Despite the weird name - yes, we're aware it's probably a hat-tip to LL Cool James's Greatest of All Time album, but it mostly made us think of satyrs, which, as you can see here, have a fondness for pipe-playing and balancing objects on their erect penises - they've been growing at an admirable clip. So much so, in fact, that they were recently absorbed into Virginia-based X Records.

So we reached out to GE and asked them to offer up five artists that should not be slept on this year. Hit the jump to get all of the vital information about a Houston legend, a guy with a song about kidneys, a guy with a song not about Lionel Richie (despite its title), a white guy and a guy with an exclamation point as part of his name.

ESG 4-23.jpg

G.O.A.T.'s Synopsis: "Rap legend ESG, has a new single that's bangin' in the streets and the airwaves. 'Worry About Yourself' is already in rotation in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana."

Album Release Date: August 23

Future Shows in Houston: April 26 at the Southside Smokeshop for the SUC reunion show

Home City: Houston


G.O.A.T.'s Synopsis: "Breakout star, HQ, has three singles - 'Put It In My Face'; 'We Can Talk About it'; 'Yo Kidney' - that are fast becoming club anthems and heavy rotators in Chicago, Mississippi, Tyler and Houston. HQ has a mixtape now available titled The Game Belongs to Me that's available for free download."

Album Release Date : July 20, 2010

Future Shows in Houston: April 30, May 13

Home City: Tyler

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