Listology: Lucas Gorham Of Grandfather Child's Favorite Voices

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Brittanie Shey
Grandfather Child's Lucas Gorham at Walter's, opening for Black Joe Lewis last Friday

Grandfather Child is ridiculous. Seriously, the band's lineup is like some sort of musical Fantastic Four, banding together to demolish all comers. They all have their own spin-off books too in form or the other: I Am Mesmer, Satin Hooks, Sideshow Tramps, Robert Ellis & The Boys. They probably have bands that only play at 3 p.m. at people's houses that we will never know about.

Everyone in the band, from singer Lucas Gorham, Robert Ellis, Geoffrey Mueller, and Ryan Chavez have enough talent to light a small city and somehow our faces don't all melt off in the process when they band together for Grandfather Child. Hell, we don't how we don't get our faces melted off by Mueller's moustache alone.

Tomorrow night at Mango's, the indie-roots band debuts its new two-song seven-inch, which includes "Waiting For You" and super lap-steel freak out "Dogwater," when they open up for Warpaint with Buxton and Balaclavas. Both songs are simmering plates of soulful wailing, and go all too well with bottles of Lone Star and cigarettes.

gf child emilydriskill.jpg
Emily Driskill

The magic of Gorham is that his voice is very much a chameleon, able to meld to any song in the GC canon, going from boogie to soul in the span of two songs. He can do all this while manning a lap-steel too. We asked Gorham took pick his top five favorite voices based on how they influenced his own work. We sort of expected Curtis Mayfield, but the Bulgarian chicks? Not so much...

Donny Hathaway: "Great singer, great songs. You can feel his emotions."

Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir: "Not really a singer, but still some of the most beautiful vocal music around."

Prince: "What's not influential about Prince? He's a killer on like 10+ instruments and sings so bad-ass."

Howlin' Wolf: "My favorite blues singer, probably. His voice gets real gritty so I try to pull from that in some way."

Curtis Mayfield: "He has influenced me to sing in falsetto when necessary, and also a very emotional singer."

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