Where Are We Peeing? And Looking At Yuppie Real-Estate Porn?

WAWP March 8.jpg
Photo by Craig Hlavaty

Jesus, this bathroom looks grim. Suspect swatches of toilet paper on the ground. Huge white footprints next to the throne. A copy of 77007 Magazine lying on around like a copy of Yuppie Hustler. How depraved is it to read about Washington Avenue real estate that while you are building your own log cabins? In a bar bathroom, no less.

All restroom shenanigans aside, this bar makes really decent margaritas if that's your bag, and it's usually quiet on the weeknights before the weekend starts on Thursday nights. Weekends, best watch that you don't scuff someone's loafers or you will get an Aggie ring in yo' teeth, fool.

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