SXSW As It Happens: Surfer Blood Makes Waves at the Village Voice Media Party

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
A series of texts from Brandon K. Hernsberger starting at 12:41 p.m.:

I'm in line at Village Voice. Shit is CRAZY long. Most people here to see The xx.

5 in 5 out. Surfer Blood up next. Dudes are effing HUGE. I see people eating inside and I'm jealous.

Next door to Mellow Johnny's. Fuck load of cyclists all around. Squint your eyes and see Lance Armstrong.

Got inside. Surfer Blood about to blow the shit out of this place.

Christ, these guys are young. Can't figure out their fashion style. Part Vampire Weekend, part Mars Volta. Mind blowing.

The gift of afternoon guitar freak the fuck out not wasted on the young. Goddamn, these guys can wail.

Surfer Blood is Weezer minus pretense plus teeth guitar divided by the weird fetishization of young Asian girls.

Question for the readers: What's the difference between Pains of Being Pure at Heart and My Chemical Romance? I actually want to know. Why are these guys here?

Coming up next... Hernsberger's take on Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

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