SXSW Aftermath: Distant Relatives Nas And Damien Marley Do The Riddim Thing

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Dan Oko

Sometimes SXSW screws even the badge-holders; many of whom waited an hour for this show. By the time the levels were set and rapper Nas took the stage, unfortunately, half the showcase time had burned away.

Still, with what remained Nasty Nasir Jones and Damien "Jr Gong" Marley - pursuing a blend of hip-hop and dancehall that started on the "Road to Zion" recorded for Marley's Welcome to Jamrock - made the most of their abbreviated set. "I want to dedicate this to my brothers who are locked up unjustly," said Nas, before launching into his early freestyle "One Love."

This segued naturally into Bob reggae classic "One Love (One Heart)" with Damien stepping into his father's footsteps over a recorded sample courtesy of DJ Green Hornet. Snippets of "Rock Steady" and "Exodus" were also performed in a thrilling combination of styles.

Veteran drummer Leon Mowbley got busy on Nas' "One Mic." Then Nas and Marley previewed "Strong Will Continue" from their upcoming album Distant Relatives and closed back on the "Road to Zion" before the pair vanished in a puff of sweet-smelling smoke.

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