Self-Proclaimed "8 Bit Bitch" MC Router, First Lady Of Nerdcore, Talks Mad Shit About Video-Game Groupies

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There are a few select instances when it's clear that an act absolutely needs to be inducted into Houston's premiere collection of musical talent, the Artist of the Week clan, and this is one of them.

MC Router is the city's pioneering Nerdcore rapper. She's sly and video game-y and white. She raps about things like Bill Gates and refers to herself as the "8 Bit Bitch." But peel back whatever layers of irony or schtick you think drive her music, and it turns out that she's actually a strong performer, complete with an admirable flow, solid lyricism and a breadth of esoteric computer/gaming references. Plus, she's mad passionate about what she does, which translates to her shitting all over the femmes that pilfer the nerd gene pool for kicks.

MC Router, "8 Bit Bitch"

So we got with Router to cut it up about what "Nerdcore" actually is, carrying a gun and various offshoots of pornography.

Rocks Off: So, "Nerdcore," that's a thing? Tell us a bit about it. It sounds fun, but we're afraid we're unfamiliar with the whole scene.

router rowdygirlmedia.jpg
Rowdy Girl Media
MC Router: Nerdcore hip-hop, or simply Nerdcore, is a subgenre of hip-hop music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds, though it can appeal to others as well. The music can very from artist to artist as there is no particular style, but you will find most Nerdcore music has samples of videogame music and blips and beeps.

I am self-claimed "First Lady of Nerdcore" because when I first got into the Nerdcore scene there was only one other female in the genre at that time, but she wasn't really doing shows, wasn't established, and only had one song while I, on the other hand, was doing shows every weekend and getting mad hits on my MySpace where I had uploaded three of the songs that were my most popular at that time. No one has really argued my title - no one important anyway - so it's always been attached to me and my music.

I stopped doing Nerdcore for about a year, because I was tired of all the bandwagon-jumpers when it started getting really "cool" to be a nerd. I also got a job as an Associate Producer for a video-game company right here in Houston. My name is in the credits for games such as all the Rock Band titles after Rock Band 1, including Beatles: Rock Band. You can see the other games we have worked on and our newest titles coming out that I am a part of also.

However, I have been asked to do some really cool shows lately, some of them were favors and some of them are just because I kind of miss doing my Nerdcore performances. There are a lot of rumors flying around of why I quit Nerdcore and the most hillarious one is this Nerdcore group who wrote a diss song about me and then when I took a break from Nerdcore they posted on their website that they were the reason I left the scene [laughs].

MC Router, "Bill Gates Revolution"

Are you fucking kidding me? We will see if I return to doing them on a regular basis. It's kind of dependent on Houston and if I can get any sort of fanbase. I have played with big names like MC Chris, Frontalot, YTCracker, MC Lars and others at packed-out shows with a thousand and more people and I can tell you I won't play for an empty club in Houston. That is for sure, but there it is, a little brief summary of Nerdcore and my history in it.

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