Mayalino's "We Alive Now" Video and Big Dan's "Lentes" Video... Trailer


Mayalino, your favorite JBlock Street Gang member of Southeast's Magnolia, just released a high-quality video, "We Alive Now," from his Fuck These Wet Wacks album, dropping the third week of April.

"The song is really real to the Mayalino contrast, rebelling against hip-hop rules, rebelling against - amongst rappers - Latinos who gather up in a circle and become best friends, hoping to make it big," Mayalino says about the song. "That song speaks against bullshit rap, weak hip-hop culture, no competition. It's a very powerful song."

"I'm making an album that [intends] to be disrespectful to any Latin artist that's not cool with me and disagrees."

If you want context to what Mayalino is talking about, check out "Behind The Lyrics" piece on him from February.

The "We Alive Now" video is very gritty, has scenes that are true to Mayalino's D-Boy lifestyle, complemented with some real sharp cinematography. Houston's Chase Rees, of ThinkBIG Producitons, directed Mayalino's video and a continuation of it starts filming in early April. Check out Rees' demo reel. This man should be arrested for what he does with the camera. His body of work is very impressive.

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