Magnolia City Mixtape: Buxton, Wild Moccasins, Fight Pretty, Fat Tony, Fiskadoro And Still More SXSW Stuff

MCM doesn't really understand this Ford Fiesta Movement clown-car nonsense, but we do know Buxton - as lensed by sometime Rocks Off shutterbug Mark C. Austin - manages to sound awesome even packed into the back of a tiny sedan.

The Wild Moccasins' tour kickoff will be April Fool's Day at Walter's. First 100 people in the door get a copy of their 2009 EP Microscopic Metronomes. Rocks Off posted a sneak preview of the first single off their new album last week.

MCM just got an email from "Classic Rock" Bob Ruggiero:
"I just got my copy of this month's Texas Monthly and there is a stand-alone book, Texas Bound for Music, included. On the table of contents page is a big picture of Wild Moccasins, with another photo and write-up inside. B L A C K I E is also written up."

Holy shit. Hands Up Houston is 10 YEARS OLD. Ten years! Thanks for bringing all those awesome shows (and some shitty shows too) to Houston and for giving MCM a place to lurk online during the workweek.

Registration is now open for Girls Rock Camp Houston, which Rocks Off first wrote about in October. Get more info at

This is kind of bizarre. The Tontons' song "Leon" is featured as backing music for a NOEL Furniture commercial.

The Prairie Cadets hit up Dead City Sound to record some demos to take with them to Austin this week. Apparently they rocked so hard Marc Brubaker broke a few guitar strings. MCM likes "Heavy! Oh Heavy!" Brubaker has also been tooling around in the studio on some solo work. Listen to the song he recorded with Allison Whitely, "Pecos Bill".

Bun B compares Lil Wayne's prison sentence to Elvis being drafted into the Army in an interview with MTV, which is jaw-dropping only for the fact that MTV is actually covering music news.

Tonight, at Sedition Books, a free folk/punk extravaganza, featuring bands Chicken Little (from Nashville), U not I (from Katy) and Days n' Daze (from Houston). Donations for the bands appreciated.

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