Like James McMurtry? Michigan's Erik Koskinen Will Scratch That Same Itch

Erik Koskinen.jpg

One of the biggest surprises of last week's SXSW fallout was young Erik Koskinen. Koskinen, originally from Michigan, drove down from Minneapolis to play guitar with Randy Weeks, and LOM met him at KPFT's 40th-anniversary soiree at the Mucky Duck. We've been listening to his new EP pretty much non-stop the past few days (sorry, Drive-By Truckers).

Erik Koskinen, "Detroit, Detroit"

The EP's packaging isn't finished yet, and there are no credits, song titles, etc. on the package Koskinen gave us, and that's usually a real bad sign. But once this one got into LOM's player, it stayed. And stayed.

LOM's first thought was that it sounds like early James McMurtry without the budget and hired guns like John Mellencamp's band. Check out the new demo of "Pretty Girls" and see what you think.

And it can't hurt that Randy Weeks is now covering "Detroit, Detroit" in his shows. Weeks just told LOM about an hour ago that Koskinen will be opening for him back at the Mucky Duck on July 30.

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