Hlavaty On The Hloose At SXSW: Roky + Okkervil Close, Stoner Blooze, Nigerian Neo-Soul, Silver Robots, Green Dreads...

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Lording over Sixth.jpg
Craig Hlavaty
5:19 p.m.: "That's respect. Lording over Sixth Street."

5:08 p.m.: "This is how Roky should sound."

5:09 p.m. Rocks Off Sr.: "How's that?"

5:09 p.m.: "Starry Eyes. Man, when he's backed by true fans he is on fire. Will and the guys and lady do him more than justice."

Dan Oko
5:21 p.m.: "Nneka, a neo-soul sensation from Nigeria."

5:12 p.m.: "This is some next level Crazy Horse business. Can't wait for their album together."

5:12 p.m. Rocks Off Sr.: "See if you can get up closer for another pic. Lady?"

5:16 p.m.: "Can't get no closer, but the big cam has nice pics."

5:21 p.m.: "Sleepy Sun in Emo's Annex. Witchy jams."

5:26 p.m.: "Sleepy Sun. Yes. Kick ass throwback jam and blues. Blooze."

5:27 p.m. Dan Oko: "Nneka plays songs off her recent U.S. release Concrete Jungle - she's getting worthwhile press. Set includes song 'Uncomfortable Truth.'"

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