Hlavaty On The Hloose At SXSW

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Craig H 1210pm.jpg
Photos by Craig Hlavaty
12:08 p.m.: "Apparently MGMT is playing in that white box tonight."

While Rocks Off Sr. holds down the fort in Houston, we've dispatched Craig Hlavaty, the Riker to our Picard, as a one-man away team to SXSW, and he's already been a busy boy. Reinforcements will arrive in time for tomorrow's shift, and we'll be making our way to Austin ourselves after Muse tomorrow night, but for now it's Craig vs. SXSW in a matinee cage match, and we have a feeling the day parties don't stand a chance.

We'll be bringing you updates of his exploits at the top of each hour throughout the afternoon, so come back soon.

11:35 a.m.: "Today I was woken up by Alex Jones' voice and the smell of tacos. He's not a light sleeper at all. Parking at the hotel soon.

11:39 a.m.: "6th Street is totally shut down to traffic this year, as are most cross streets and - Oh my God, I love chicks that wear boots with skirts."

11:53 a.m.: "All I wanna do is park at our hotel. Dear God, it's only Wednesday and I wanna torch my car. I want everyone to stop looking like someone famous."

craig H minibar.jpg
12:11 p.m.: Rocks Off Sr. to No. 1: "Easy, tiger..."

12:04 p.m.: "Just checked into the hotel. Since it's called a mini-bar, that means the fee is small too, right?"

12:39 p.m.: "Congrats, you all look like Bob Schneider. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your souls."

12:41 p.m.: "David Cobb from Houston Calling just watched me pour a Five Hour Energy shot into my drink at the Paste day party. The phony tough and the crazy brave."

12:51 p.m.: The Atlas Moth at the Brooklyn Vegan day party at Emo's. Yuss and stuff."

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