Cry Little Sister: A Corey Haim Soundtrack Retrospective

The last time we were visiting our parents in Friendswood, Rocks Off noticed a new DVD version of 1987's The Lost Boys at the sales counter of the local Hollywood Video (which must be one of the last remaining franchises in the Houston area, but we digress). We didn't buy it - it actually hasn't been that long since we've seen it - but it did remind us how much we like the music, especially Echo & the Bunnymen's cover of "People are Strange," INXS and Jimmy Barnes' breakneck "Good Times" duet and the movie's theme song, Gerard McMann's lost '80s Goth anthem "Cry Little Sister."

So when we heard that LB co-star Corey Haim died this morning of a suspected overdose, Rocks Off can't say we were all that surprised, but we were a little sad. Like when John Hughes died last year, it was an unsettling reminder that the reaper has started in on the icons of our teenage years, even lesser icons like Haim. Boy, did the girls at Webster Intermediate School love them some Corey.

License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream may have their defenders somewhere - we guess - but in our eyes Lost Boys was pretty much the peak of Haim's career, cinematically and soundtrack-wise. Still, we poked around on IMDB earlier today and found enough songs from his filmography to cobble together a decent memorial mixtape. Chill out, Edgar.

Artist/Song: INXS & Jimmy Barnes, "Good Times"

Film: The Lost Boys, 1987

Artist/Song: Gerard McMann, "Cry Little Sister"

Film: The Lost Boys, 1987

Artist/Song: Echo & the Bunnymen, "People Are Strange"

Film: The Lost Boys, 1987

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