Beyonce Baby Rumors Freeze Internet; Allen Oldies Band Wows New York Times; Justin Bieber, Future Bull Rider


This ROCK SOLID SOURCE claims Beyoncé is preggo. Uh huh. However, it's being re-reported by publications like the New York Post and The Daily Swarm... so maybe it's legit?

Speaking of rock solid sources, the Allen Oldies Band got a nice little write-up in this New York Times SXSW recap:

"Looking sharp in matching dinner jackets, they blasted through revved-up versions of Tommy Roe's "Dizzy," The Monkees' "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone," The Music Explosion's "Little Bit o' Soul" and other chestnuts, cutting straight through every hangover in the room. The frontman Allen Hill was a dervish in constant motion, working the crowd and testifying to the power of old-time rock 'n' roll to soothe your soul."

Here's Fat Tony's SXSW recap. He liked Cubic Zirconia.

And this link to Canadian band Fucked Up's blog has been all over the Interwebs since SXSW, but MCM didn't bother to read it until a few days ago because, basically, tl;dnr and we're lazy like that.

However. It's actually worth talking about, so if you haven't read it yet we'll allow Village Voice sister blog Sound of the City to summarize. Basically, SXSW is gettin' too big for its britches, massive corporations like Mountain Dew are making giant wads of cash off all the hard work of small bands who get paid nothing to play there (and some who even spend their own money for the little exposure SXSW affords) and that basically it all feels like a big ol' waste of time and energy. And Fucked Up would know - they were on like a thousand different showcases that weekend.

Tonight, Sedition Books will screen Between Resistance and Community, the documentary on the Long Island DIY Punk Scene:

This fascinating look into the workings of a DIY punk community also examines the scene's shortcomings, such as undercurrents of sexism as well as the problem of self-sufficiency, which pressures some to seek out the same corporate avenues to which the scene strives to be an alternative. Features live footage and interviews with Latterman, On the Might of Princes, The Insurgent, Seven Days of Samsara, plus show-goers, scenesters, zinesters and activists.

Sounds cool. 8 p.m.

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