Anna Garza Reports Back From The Girls Rock Camp Alliance Annual Conference

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Last fall, Rocks Off's Gina Miller interviewed Anna Maria Garza, founder of Girls Rock Camp Houston, about what it took to get the local chapter of the organization, which organizes a weeklong camp teaching girls the ins and outs of rock and roll - from playing their instruments to silk-screening their own T-shirts - off the ground. The inaugural Girls Rock Camp Houston is scheduled for this coming August 9-13 on the University of Houston main campus.

Garza just returned from the Girls Rock Camp Alliance's annual conference this past weekend, and Rocks Off thought we'd have her write up a little summary of her experience. Here she goes...

"The GRCA held its fourth annual GRCA Conference at an idyllic 216-acre camp retreat an hour and a half outside of San Francisco. Representatives from Girls Rock camps based all over the United States, Germany and Sweden assembled for a long and fun-filled weekend of networking, training, workshops, karaoke and dance parties. All work and no play is no fun... and girls just wanna have fun.

"It doesn't take Miss Cleo to figure out the question most (if not all) of you are thinking: What is the Girls Rock Camp Alliance? The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is an international coalition of organizations whose shared mission is to empower girls and women using the tools of music education to foster self-esteem and confidence.

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Photos by Anna M. Garza
Day 1 of the annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance ended with a mandatory dance party.

"The Girls Rock Camp Alliance conference provides the opportunity for camp organizers to unite and create a standard of value to preserve the nature and spirit of programs that seek to build self-esteem for girls through music education, as well as provide training to the volunteers and staff who bring the missions of their organizations to life.

"The timing of the conference was perfect for Girls Rock Camp Houston. Since our camp is scheduled to debut this August, workshops on subjects such as volunteer management, budgets, new camp checklists, alternative teaching styles, etc.. The mentorship from the established camps provided invaluable assistance to us. We left the Bay Area inspired, confident, determined and committed to providing the most excellent, positive and uplifting camp experience for every young girl who seeks the opportunity to rock and roll like the boys."

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