Aftermath: The Examples, Johnny Gunhand & The Ramblin' Reverends And A Middle-School Band At Fitzgerald's

Johnny Gunhand.jpg
Photos by Matthew Keever
Johnny Gunhand & the Ramblin' Reverends

Aftermath went to Fitzgerald's Saturday night to cover two bands: The Examples and Johnny Gunhand & the Ramblin' Reverends. We were sent by someone whose musical taste we respect, so we were looking forward to what we were sure would be a good show.

We ended up spending an hour upstairs listening to a different band entirely, because of some poorly-made pamphlets at the front door. The band we watched upstairs, a group of middle-school students, played for their parents, their friends and their friends' parents. "I wrote it when I was 11," the young lead singer and guitarist told the audience about one song. "I was grounded."

Aftermath couldn't help but feel that we had upset our bosses, and this was our punishment.

Eventually, though, we ended up downstairs - we wanted a burger - and as we walked downstairs - lo and behold! - there we found Johnny Gunhand & the Ramblin Reverends. The group, which struck us as a sort of faux-country that doesn't take itself too seriously, focused on the audience's energy and channeled its own through its instruments.

A few songs into their set, Gunhand covered Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" as a few couples even began to dance along. For whatever reason, Gunhand and the Examples switched spots. After the former, our expectations were raised. While drawing a comparison between the two is impossible due to drastically different genres, both bands were a lot of fun.

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