13 Bands You're Better Off NOT Searching On Google Images

eyesight to the blind.jpg

ESPECIALLY with SafeSearch off. You're just going to have to take our word for this one, because Rocks Off is more than happy to fall on that grenade for you - you're more than welcome to tell your boss you really were searching for that Circle Jerks album cover, but come on, we both know what's really going on. Or Big Black... WOW.

Rocks Off got this idea last week, when we were looking for an album cover by Houston poster artist Uncle Charlie's old band Dresden 45; needless to say, that's not the image that came up. Not at first, anyway. Curious creatures that we are, we decided to test that theory out on the following dozen or so bands.

We've omitted the obviously NSFW ones like this one or, oh, this one, but even so we got plenty of results that made us glad we left our knitting needles at home. We won't be closing our eyes for a while regardless, because some of it is still stamped on the back of our retinas. Ouch.

Ass Ponys.jpg


butthole surfers.jpg

circle jerks.jpg



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