Thirteenth Floor Elevators' Tommy Hall May Be Hospitalized... Or Worse

Earlier this afternoon, Rocks Off's friend, former colleague and Dirty Honey DJ Brett Koshkin forwarded us a post from the Texas '60s Music Refuge Yahoo! message board that former Thirteenth Floor Elevators member Tommy Hall, whose warped electric-jug stylings defined the Elevators' sound as much as front man Roky Erickson's hellhound vocals, has been hospitalized in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, that's about all we - or anyone else, it seems, including Hall's family - know at the moment.

The only other thing the message, posted by "Psycherelics," said was that Hall was suffering from an "undisclosed illness." Rocks Off emailed our counterpart in San Francisco, SF Weekly music editor Jennifer Maerz, who wrote a cover story on Hall for the Weekly that the Houston Press reprinted last March. Maerz said she had just received an email from Hall's sister inquiring "where he was or if he was in the hospital."

"They can't find him or confirm anything," she said.

Jaime Soja
Tommy Hall in 2009

Rocks Off has emailed Psycherelics and a couple of other friends we hope may be able to track down some further information on Hall. We will of course let you know as soon as we do find out anything - and obviously, if any of our readers out there do, please get in touch.

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