Rid Of Me And Other Great Albums With Truly Hideous Covers

​MGMT's new album, Congratulations, comes out in April! We're excited. MGMT's 2008 debut album, Oracular Spectacular, was fantastic, and we can't wait to hear what they've got in store for the follow-up. We're positive it will be awesome, as those weird-ass kids are only going to get weirder as they go along. Hey, let's whet our appetites by having a sneak peek at the album cover, shall we? That's it up there.

Sweet fancy Moses. What in the holy hell is that shit? Is that the cover for an MGMT album or a poster for an animated film about taking LSD in 1989? Don't worry, though, because even though the album cover is horrifying, the album will still most likely be wonderful. There are many precedents for great albums with hideous covers, eleven more of which follow.

11. Beck, The Information
Beck's 2006 album was an interesting excursion in sonic experimentation; all of the instruments are either acoustic or digital, there are almost no electric instruments on the album. Coupled with the album's adventurous spirit was a novel idea for an album cover: a completely DIY approach.

The Information came packaged with stickers, which the listener was supposed to use to make their own personalized cover. The only problem: it was impossible to make a good-looking album cover with the stickers provided. Check out the many iterations on the album's Amazon page if you don't believe us.

10. The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls in America
Why would an album of amazing, literary bar rock need a cover photo that looks like it was taken of the crowd at a Jonas Brothers concert? Guess you'll have to ask the Hold Steady.

9. Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs
Where did the inspiration for Death Cab's welcome 2008 return to experimentation come from? We don't know for certain, but in Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, there is a killer loose in the cyberpunk society's virtual, Second Life-like environment who kills by showing a picture containing a virus to users' avatars. Somehow the viral information is relayed optically to the avatar's real-life counterpart, who dies.

This album cover is what that picture looks like. Grab some tissues, your nose is bleeding.

8. The Constantines, The Constantines
The Constantines' album covers have always been rather spartan, but none were more unattractive than their debut. You shouldn't be allowed to pick a random wrapper out of the trash, photograph it, and then just use that as your album cover. Especially not if you're as terrific a band as the Constantines.

7. Fastbacks, The Day That Didn't Exist
Looks like a Rhino label repackaging of 1950's radio hits instead of the original, stellar collection of pop-punk it is. Completely undersells an underrated band.

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