Radar Eyes: Exterminating Angels' Shaun Kelly Spreads The Carnage Of Weird Houston

RE: These are the kind of informations I live for! Future Blondes are going to the Bay area again next month. Do you have any words for your new friends and faithful followers?

SK: Yes, stay sick, and wrong and weird, it's the only way. Thanks to everyone who stood by me and offered their support during the nightmarish time during which i recorded this CD...

RE: Houston is not for lovers...

SK: Love is a fickle thing boys and gurls...

RE: Do you plan on coming back to the Inner Loop after assaulting the Bay or what?

SK: I'll come back to play.

RE: "Do you like this life"?

SK: Ha! Yes I do, and i appreciate the Rusted Shut lyric! After all i was in RS for a year and a half (which is 10 years in human terms)... Life is better than ever. It's the only thing worth living for.

RE: You should start playing bass for Flipper...


The new Rotten Piece CD, Exile on 23rd St. will be available at Sound Exchange and Super Happy Funland on February 27. Contact Shaun Kelly at lazysquid@sbcglobal.net

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