Albums All You Sudden Saints "Fans" Can Enjoy While You're Smirking

Far be it from Rocks Off to rain on anyone's Super Bowl parade, but are we the only ones bothered by this massive, conveniently timed outpouring of love and affection for New Orleans? It started right after the Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, when admitting you were rooting for the Indianapolis Colts was tantamount to saying you wanted Russia to whip the U.S. in that 1980 Olympic hockey match, or hell, you had Hurricane Katrina and the points as it battered and bruised our I-10 neighbors to the east.

Everyone from President Barack Obama on down, it seemed, was cheering for New Orleans not because of any real interest in the football team itself, but "because the city has been through so much." It sure would be interesting to see how many of these late-blooming Saints fans laid down actual money on the black and gold, considering they were universal underdogs right up until opening the second half with that brilliantly executed onside kick. (And make no mistake, the team that played the better game won Sunday.)

Rocks Off will give Houstonians a pass, we guess, because the Saints have been a lot of people around here's NFC club of choice for a long time; i.e. Cowboys suck! But all the rest of you, this sudden love for New Orleans feels more like you're patting yourselves on the back than either the Saints or the city.

saint tv sdtk.jpg
If you really want to help New Orleans, donate to one of the many post-Katrina charity organizations, buy some property there or go spend some money at Jazzfest. Rocks Off is pretty sure everyone either in or from New Orleans knows exactly what they've been through and doesn't need a bunch of Johnnys-come-lately reminding them. And, as you can see here, they are perfectly capable of celebrating their football team's hard-fought, well-deserved victory all by themselves.

Still, with Mardi Gras right around the corner - it actually seems to be starting a week early this year, with tonight's free Zydeco Dots "Troubador Tuesday" show at House of Blues, not to mention all the stuff going on in Galveston this weekend - this sudden infatuation with everything New Orleans isn't going away anytime soon, so Rocks Off put together a collage of albums you can enjoy while you smirk. Considering all you did to help Drew Brees, Sean Payton and company win the Super Bowl, we sure hope you're proud of yourselves.

J Cope Saint Julian front.jpg

Julian Cope, Saint Julian, 1987

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