Tonight: Enlist In the Kunst Fascion at Persuasion Art Opening

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Kunst Fascion: Alles Klar?
Rocks Off is a big fan of the honky-tonk, Southern rock and all things bluesy and soulful (as you may have guessed), but our first love will always be the throb and grind of industrial music. Seriously. The first live performance we ever saw was Nitzer Ebb opening for Depeche Mode at the Woodlands in 1990, and we've never really gotten over it. Shortly thereafter, we acquired the duo's That Total Age, Belief and Show Time, and also spent the next several months cozying up to Ministry and Cabaret Voltaire.

We even opted not to go to the Ebb's show at Meridian last month so that memory could remain pure, and so we didn't get to see the much-discussed opening set by local leather-clad 808 abusers //TENSE//. However, we will get a second chance of sorts this evening when sometime //TENSE// member Mariana Kunst works some scratchy electro-disco hoodoo in her Kunst Fascion guise, her first performance as KF in three years.

Kunst isn't Mariana's real name, but it is German for "art." Rocks Off just checked out the three songs on Kunst Fascion's MySpace page - we're not sure how representative they are of what Ms. Kunst does live, but if you're into sound collages and sexy chanting in Spanish you might want to check it out. Very downtown, dahling.

persuasion poster.jpg
The occasion is the opening reception of Persuasion, the first in a series of exhibitions curated by Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher of Indian Jewelry. Tonight's featured artists include L.A.-based Michael Dee, whose "Song of Myself" juxtaposes video clips of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" and Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge" and "Here It Comes Again" has something to do with a country road, a car, the car radio and a cow. Rocks Off thinks we can imagine how that's going to end up.

Also exhibiting tonight is Domokos of Future Blondes, Dead Roses and (sometimes) Indian Jewelry, who will show his "Collagen and Prototypes" collection of large-scale collages and sculptures, and Francis Giampietro's "I Am Demon," described as exploring the "notion of virility in contemporary framework." Hell, we're sold.

The opening is 8 p.m. tonight at The Temporary Space, 1320 Nance near the Last Concert Cafe. It's free, but afterwards you have to make an appointment to view the installation, which will be up through next month. Call Temporary Space manager Keijiro Suzuki at 832-867-9207 or email to schedule an appointment.

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It's talent-less Kunt.  Houston Press will interview anyone who gets up on stage and makes a fool of themselves like this idiot low life.  I go to a free "techno" (nothing techno about it, just noise music) event at Mangos (shithole of place) and get barked at by this little monkey because I walked outside.  It's prima donnas like this that make me hate musicians.  Especially ones that have no music capability.  They beat on something or turn a noise box on and and call it music or art.  Total garbage and Houston press eats this shit up like the scumbags they are.

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