Our Texas High School Rock Off Preview, Part 3: Backslash, Searching for Signal and Disfunkshun

This Friday, House of Blues hosts the first (and perhaps only) Texas High School Rock Off, co-sponsored by Fuse, Sonicbids and Rocks Off our own damn selves. See here for information on tickets, which start at the allowance-friendly price of $8. The winner receives $500, a trophy and an opening slot for a national artist at HOB. We're going to save the critiquing until Friday, but Tuesday, Wednesday and today, Rocks Off will help you get better acquainted with our seven contestants.


Band: Backslash

Hometown: Houston

MySpace URL (186 friends): myspace.com/backslashrocks

MySpace Headline: Rock N' Roll Madness!

Facebook URL (1,004 members): http://apps.facebook.com/reverbnation_fb/artist/backslashrocks

Listed Genre: Rock/Metal/Progressive

Actual Sound: Exactly that... and probably a lot better when not coming out of tinny PC speakers.

Other Information: Originally instrumental rock band "23"; changed their name when they added rhythm guitar and vocals. Claim British power-metal Guitar Hero III breakout band Dragonforce, and "video game music" in general, as influences.

Ashley Tsai

Band: Searching for Signal

Hometown: Houston

MySpace URL (567 friends): www.myspace.com/thesearchingforsignal

MySpace Headline: It's So Bright EP available on iTunes NOW!

Facebook URL (252 fans): www.facebook.com/pages/Searching-For-Signal/49472290412

Listed Genre: Rock/Experimental/Indie

Actual Sound: Feathery, melodic, methodical slowcore

Other Information: Oldest band in the Rock Off (formed in January 2006). Written up in the Press last May by Nicholas L. Hall, who said they have "an uncanny knack for crafting tunes that are catchy without being disposable." Already have another HOB gig, opening for Badfish January 29.

Paul Davis

Band: Disfunkshun

Hometown: Houston

MySpace URL (417 friends): myspace.com/disfunkshunmusic

MySpace Headline: We love all of our fans!!!! Keep rearing us!!!!!

Facebook URL (1,004 members): www.facebook.com/disfunkshun?v=app_19935916616

Listed Genre: Funk/Experimental/Crunk

Actual Sound: Steely Dan goes to high school

Other Information: Formed in 2007 as the Rum Runners. Won third place in the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston's 2008 Battle of the Bands. Closely aligned with fellow Rock Off contestants The Handshake.

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