Goth-Rock Icon and Web Recluse Daniel Ash on His New It's a Burn Out EP

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Rounding off this collection is the "Candy Eye" collaboration between Ash and Angelique Bianca, who was on the same record label with Ash in the '90s. After coming up with a Goldfrapp beat and a heavy-petting chorus, Ash found himself stuck for verses. Minister sent a copy of the half-finished track to Bianca. She fell in love with it, and wrote and recorded her part in an afternoon.

The end product is as sweet as sex in a hammock, and the perfect way to end what is really four songs of pure Goth perfection. It leaves you wanting a whole lot more, but the responsibility for that lies in us.

"I still have a great passion for music, but it's hard on you to put so much effort and money into something that ultimately doesn't pay off," Ash lamented. "I record in a real studio that costs real money, and I put everything into the songs I record. If people like what I'm doing enough to buy it, then I'll keep releasing EPs."

Ash has no plans to record any full-length albums, saying that he can't remember the last time he or anyone else sat down and listened to a whole album, that the whole concept is mostly dead. We're also not likely to see him live and large anytime soon, as he has no plans of getting back on the road with a band.

He lives in a small town some miles outside of Ventura, Calif., these days, where he works on his motorcycles, DJs around the state and contributes to the de-hippification of his community. Our original interview was rescheduled due to a last-minute gig where Ash loaned his state-of-the-art PA system to a community center hosted local punk festival.

"It was just great to watch all these bands come alive in a good sound system," he says. "Most of the had never even heard their own vocals because of the systems the had to make due with. Now I feel like we're bring a good rock shake-up to a community full of hippies, and it's phenomenal."

In addition, Ash is hoping to break into recording soundtracks for film and television. Along with fellow Bauhaus member David J, he laid down guitar sounds for the cult masterpiece Repo: The Genetic Opera last year, and did music for a Fox television show called Keen Eddie in 2003. He's also hoping to be a part of a major motorcycle movie, but declined to comment further until the powers that be cross all the t's and dot all the lowercase j's.

At 52, Ash has lost none of his gusto, ability, or sense of humor, and continues to keep a certain kind of sardonic darkness in the soundtrack of our lives. With a little help from the masses, the music may never stop.

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