Album Covers You'll Never, Ever See on Any UK Stamps

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 1a.jpg

The UK's Royal Mail recently unveiled a series of stamps based on classic British album covers, including the Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed and The Clash's London Calling. Rumor has it Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here was rejected due to the burning man on the cover, with the Royal Mail electing to go with the much better-known cover of Dark Side of the Moon instead.

Just kidding. That would have made far too much sense; they actually chose The Division Bell, Pink Floyd's final album and one that doesn't even feature Roger Waters. Okay, well, we suppose every stamp set has to have one that absolutely no one wants.

Leafing through these iconic album covers, Rocks Off was forced to wonder which English albums not only didn't make the cut this time around, but will probably never make the cut, no matter how many album-cover stamp collections they release.


Queen, A Kind of Magic

It's not the ugliest Queen album cover of all time (you'll see that one later), but it's entirely possible no album cover of its time quite so loudly screams "1991." We're surprised none of them are high-fiving a cartoon turtle on a skateboard.

bowie-glamour shots.jpg

David Bowie

"Hello Mr. Bowie, welcome to Glamour Shots. Have you been here before? No? Well then, have a seat over here under our Hairspray Cannon."

magic position.jpg

Patrick Wolf

Less of an ode to childlike whimsy and more like the first couple of levels in Silent Hill 3.

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