Creepy, Inappropriate and Otherwise Weird Christmas Albums


Christmas is 22 days away, so you still have time to put in some online orders for delivery. And, coincidentally enough, we're going to bet that whatever holiday album you've been playing for the past few years is starting to get a little stale. You can only enjoy the velvet crooning of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra for so long, right?

Well, good news. We've found some truly unsettling Christmas albums to spice up your holidays. Anyone who sees any of these albums even remotely near your stereo will instantly experience a growing knot of panic deep down in their very gut. Why would we want you to do that to your families and friends? Simple: we like to ruin things.


William Hung, Hung for the Holidays

One of the many talentless, delusional, overly positive lunatics American Idol has called out of hiding, William Hung is a perfect example of what can happen when you let your child grow up with too much self-esteem.


Neil Diamond, The Christmas Album

The fireplace in the background, the dimly lit room, and the intimate, cozy space makes us really, really wish Neil would stop affixing us with his bedroom eyes. Stop it, Neil.

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