2009 Concert Rewind: SXSW 09 Revisited, Broken Arm and Everything Else

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Balaclavas: "On the way to see Houston's own Balaclavas at the Independent to debut new stuff off the soon-to-be released Roman Holiday, I abruptly hit a curb with my bicycle. Luckily my elbow took one for the team. Well, it ended up getting fractured and I have all kinds of internal business going on with it. But nonetheless I got back up and tied up my bike to a light pole and walked across IH-35 to catch the show. Which was alternately stupid or dedicated." Craig Hlavaty

Scott Miller: "'I've been drunk all around this town, from the downside up to the upside down....' So sings Scott Miller in 'Drunk All Around this Town,' which he calls 'the most beautiful ballad I have ever written.' That might not be true but it is a most apropos song for SXSW, and it never sounded better than it did Thursday night at Waterloo Ice House." John Nova Lomax

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Craig Hlavaty

Kylesa: "Aftermath's favorite kind of shows are the ones where people end up on the floor or skating on beer." Craig Hlavaty

Daniel Johnston: "Are we all just staring at some kind of human zoo animal, or are we seeing beyond all that and just appreciating his awesomeness? I don't know, although I suspect the answer lies somewhere in between." Keith Plocek

Echo & the Bunnymen: "The majestic 'Bring On the Dancing Horses' threw a dubby curveball, and 'I Need It Too' - new? rare? Rocks Off had never heard it before, regardless - revealed Echo's debt to the Velvet Underground is as great as ever, which they didn't exactly try to dodge with a slow, cosmic-country take on Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side.' Chris Gray

Kurt Vile: "Kurt Vile went on a good 15 minutes late, reducing his set to a two-song jam complete with saxophone, Deep Purple riffin', pre-programmed drum fills.Vile sings behind a bushy mane of Ritchie Blackmore fuzz and his bassist looks like Thurston Moore circa 1980." Craig Hlavaty

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