2009 Concert Rewind, September: Taylor Hicks, Chickenfoot, Abbey Road, Monotonix, Butthole Surfers, Happy Mondays... and Creed

collective soul hob hlavaty.jpg
Craig Hlavaty

Collective Soul, House of Blues, September 1: "Collective Soul is no one's idea of a Southern Rock band, but the band did manage to prove a point or two. First, nostalgically speaking, the '80s are over. The '90s are where the money is. Second, Kings of Leon hardly sprung from a vacuum. Let's hope the Followill boys give credit where it's due, because their stringy-haired sex on fire owes an awful lot to Collective Soul." Chris Gray

The Box Elders, Mango's, September 2: "The Elders' set felt less like a show than five really killer and forgotten Nuggets-era 45s played in quick succession. Each song would have sounded amazing coming out of a tinny old portable turntable." Craig Hlavaty

Fruit Bats, Walter's on Washington, September 3: "Plenty of 70's country-rock inflection, brightly chiming guitars, twangy pedal steel that somehow sounded breezy instead of mournful and Johnson's effortlessly lovely voice all came together for a set that could be registered with the FDA as some sort of over the counter anti-depressant." Nicholas L. Hall

Dandy Warhols warehouse hlavaty.jpg
Craig Hlavaty

Dandy Warhols, Warehouse Live, September 7: "They gave the audience exactly what they wanted with their catchiest, most famous songs such as "Bohemian Like You" and "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth" but also stretched them with periods of experimental noise-rock and thick, layered space jams." Sarah Webster

Pine Leaf Boys, Continental Club, September 10: "Spinning on the twin axes of fiddle and accordion, the young Lafayette band kept the Continental's dance floor hopping throughout their set. Aftermath even did a jig or two before we went out to the patio bar to shoot craps." Chris Gray

Balaclavas, Black Congress, Mango's, September 11: "Sure some of you do a good job at riding straight grooves and crafting shit-hot slabs of indie swoon. We appreciate the hell out of that smack, but some nights we want liberation, pain, and torture to soundtrack those hours of darkness." Craig Hlavaty

The Festival at the Mink, September 12: "Of marked note is the fact that the sound guys and event organizers appeared to keep a steady hand on the shaky tiller that is any festival schedule, resulting in a rather smooth flow between performances." Adam P. Newton

The Fab 40 Does Abbey Road, Discovery Green, September 12: "As you might imagine, the group worked over George Harrison's mystical late-period material pretty thoroughly, and their version of "Across the Universe" transcended a shaky vocal to captivate much of the audience." John Nova Lomax

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