2009 Concert Rewind, May: No Doubt, Dave Matthews, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Earle, Fischerspooner, Bob Log and, Um, BuzzFest

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Craig Hlavaty
Dave Matthews Band, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, May 1: "It's hard to label what exactly they do, but it can't be called 'jam.' As limitless and expansive the bands who get stuck in that genre may be, folks like String Cheese Incident, O.A.R. and Dispatch cannot hold a flickering lighter up to what the DMB does each night." Craig Hlavaty

Fleetwood Mac, Toyota Center, May 2: "[Stevie] Nicks' status as one of rock's top-tier icons, both musically and visually, tends to divert attention away from the fact that her three bandmates are all monsters on their respective instruments, which was nevertheless plain as day watching them pound out 'The Chain,' 'Tusk" or 'Go Your Own Way.'" Chris Gray

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Craig Hlavaty

Flight of the Conchords, Jones Hall, May 6: "Jemaine and Bret opened the show in their signature makeshift robot gear, bathed in delicate light, to perform 'Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor.'" Craig Hlavaty

Mark Germino, Heritage Place, Conroe, May 7: "In the rocking category, the band blew the roof off the outdoor theater with torrid versions of 'Burning The Firehouse Down,' 'Finest Brand of Southern Degeneracy,' 'Married Man" and the hilarious 'She's a Mystery.' William Michael Smith

Buzzfest, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, May 10: "As the day progressed, the crowd became thicker with shirtless men and girls in bikinis. Everyone was too lost in the buzz of the beer and energetic music to notice all the sweat that was being shared." Meredith Baker

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