2009 Concert Rewind, July: Beyonce, Coldplay, Aerosmith/ZZ Top, Judas Priest, Rod Stewart... and the Trae Day Gunplay

woodenbirds walters hlavaty.jpg
Craig Hlavaty

Wooden Birds, Other Lives, Walter's on Washington, July 2: "This is Andrew Kenny's latest project away from American Analog Set. That band is currently on hold while Kenny and the rest of the group go off to pollinate elsewhere. The Birds don't fall far from the AmAnSet tree at all, in keeping with the foliage motif." Craig Hlavaty

Vans Warped Tour, Sam Houston Race Park, July 3: "It's a communal rite for each new class of punk rockers, to pick off the menu what they like and what they will use to identify themselves." Craig Hlavaty

beyonce toyota kramer.jpg
Daniel Kramer

Beyonce, Toyota Center, July 4: "When she asked audience members if they wanted to dance during "Gettin' Bodied," there was an eruption of screams and cheers. Oh, Lady B, as if you had to ask?" Kim Douglass

The McKenzies, The Howlies, Springfield Riots, The Mink, July 6: Springfield Riots opened with a short 35-minute set paced by Phil Spector rhythms and defined by the spacey pop of the Flaming Lips - playful and melodic, but almost tribal." Chris Gray

Good Night and Good Morning, Roman Candles, Timber!, Stove Blow, Scuba Steve, Super Happy Fun Land, July 7: "Although Tuesday's acts shared nothing in common with one another, this show summed up everything that Super Happy Fun Land is about - a refuge for artists who are talented but don't necessarily have a place." Kim Douglass

Betty Soo, McGonigel's Mucky Duck, July 7: "Who knew going in that we'd be hearing a Korean-American girl channel J.J. Cale as guitarist Jeff Plankenhorn laid on licks thick as a steak on 'Never Knew No Love,' 'Get Clean" and Soo's amazing tune 'Still Small Voice'?" William Michael Smith

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