Rocks Off's YouTube Video Explosion 2009: U2, Steve Earle, 10th Grade Cutie and Everything In Between

This year Rocks Off added a few Flip cameras to our devastatingly amazing blogatory weapons. We have been taking as many live videos at shows as we possibly can, and what better way to show our thanks to the Flip this Thanksgiving weekend than by showcasing its powers? From Ghostland Observatory, schooling Houstonians on Roky Erickson, our inaugural Beatles: Rock Band party, all the way to the recent Westheimer Block Party (above), the Flip has been a part of the family.

We try to bring it with us to most live shows, so we have amassed a good amount of footage. It's really small and easy to bring into pits and crowds, but the only problem is that it only holds about an hour of film. But that's probably better off, because we would more than likely try to capture entire concerts for you guys to watch, which would more than likely get us in some sort of legal trouble.


Ghostland Observatory

This was one of the first concerts we took the Flip to, for Ghostland's May show out at the Sam Houston Race Park. We were nervous using it so we only got short bursts of songs. That changed later on.

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