Aftermath: Peace, Love, Little Joe and Hooker Heels at Westheimer Block Party

Photos by Groovehouse

We'll get the obligatory platitude out of the way first. If any of you didn't Day 1 of the one-and-only two-day edition of the Westheimer Block Party, then you missed an excellent day of music and community in Houston. As we walked between stages spanning the corner of Westheimer and Taft, we found ourselves amidst a broad cross-section of Houston life and culture out enjoying the fun and festivities.

We could give some credit to the City Of Montrose itself for playing host to the diverse array of people, but it didn't hurt that a rollicking portion of the Houston music scene was on display for the people's enjoyment. Toss in the various artisans with wares spread across the Numbers parking lot and you've happened upon a festival that inculcated quite the party mood.

Musically, we found nary a group that missed its mark. Caddywhompus provided some punky indie rock, while Muhammidali offered up its special brand of riotous, gritty hardcore-tinged noise-punk. Nosaprise rocked a rather empty parking lot at Avant Garden early in the day, impressively treating the 20 people present like they were 200.

HW floss.jpg
Hollywood FLOSS (near right) and friends

Hollywood Floss and his crew (which included the Pinecones, Shina Rae, and T.H.E.M.) effectively wrecked shop outside of Numbers. We also enjoyed stepping back into the music of our college years, thanks to the straight-out-of-the-Midwest-in-the-'90s, second-wave emo trio Football, Etc.

Little Joe.jpg
Little Joe Washington
Other noteworthy acts included the swampy, bluesy stoner rock of Ghost Town Electric, the glorious '70s glam rock of Roky Moon & BOLT, and the infectious country/folk/rock amalgam that is Buxton. At one point, Houston legend Little Joe Washington made a surprise appearance, ripping through four offerings of vintage, crowd-pleasing blues, all with Omar Afra filling in on bass. Furthermore, we were all smiles at the audacity of B L A C K I E, listenlisten and Giant Princess as they decided to assert some DIY attitude by setting up a generator in the La Strada parking lot so they could play.

In terms of oddities, whether in terms of attire, behavior, or otherwise, there were plenty of them to be seen, from purple Mohawks and greasy ducktails to gaudy, neon high-tops and hooker heels. Deserving of special mention is the sound guy we observed doing his engineering homework during a band's set, as well as the Donatella Versace lookalike in cougar attire we saw enjoying Little Joe Washington.


All told, hippies, hipsters, punks, metalheads, cougars, and Washington Avenue denizens all brought their respective stereotypes outside to play, and everyone seemed to get along. Such is the power of the great atmosphere created by the excellent community-building activity that is Westheimer Block Party.

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