Songs By ACL Artists That Should Be Covered By Other ACL Artists

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Isn't it fun to imagine all your favorite bands are best friends? And that when they spend time together, as so many of them are doing right this second at the Austin City Limits festival, they would inevitably learn each others' songs? Here are some songs by ACL bands which we'd like to see covered by other ACL bands. We think they've got time to make it happen.

Song: Sleepyhead
Original Artist: Passion Pit
Who Should Cover It: The Dirty Projectors
"Sleepyhead" is the weirdest song that Rocks Off has really, really loved since Battles' "Atlas". Who better to re-interpret it than masters of the offbeat, The Dirty Projectors? The female harmonies alone would be worth it.

Song: The Great Defector
Original Artist: Bell X1
Who Should Cover It: Mute Math
"The Great Defector" is probably the happiest, danciest song about airports we've ever heard, and we'd love to hear Mute Math's technologically-proficient take on it. Oh, this could be such a clap-along.

Song: Baby's Gone Blues
Original Artist: Reckless Kelly
Who Should Cover It: Dan Auerbach
A quintessential blues rocker from Austinites Reckless Kelly, we think the Black Keys' Auerbach would turn it into a grungy masterpiece.

Song: Elephant
Original Artist: Them Crooked Vultures
Who Should Cover It: The Dead Weather
It makes sense to transfer this song supergroup to supergroup (both containing members of Queens of the Stone Age). Not only does The Dead Weather have the chops to cover Them Crooked Vultures, but the former's drummer even released an album called Elephant with his other band. Maybe you've heard of them.

Song: Half Asleep
Original Artist: School of Seven Bells
Who Should Cover It: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
We'd expect the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to transform the Seven Bells' blissful, trance-y single into a techno-rock anthem fit for the massive throngs at ACL. Have Karen O and the gang let us down yet? If you answered "yes", piss right off. We know you music connoisseurs are supposed to be jaded, but come on.

Song: Tyler
Original Artist: The Toadies
Who Should Cover It: Heartless Bastards
Maybe it's misogynist of us, but we think the Bastards would make this creepy trespasser's theme song sound sexy.

Song: Two Weeks
Original Artist: Grizzly Bear
Who Should Cover It: Andrew Bird
The supremely talented Bird would use about a jillion different instruments to bring out hidden harmonies you didn't even know this song had, and he'd make every single one of those instruments sound absolutely crucial.

Song: Just Breathe
Original Artist: Pearl Jam
Who Should Cover It: Kings of Leon
A friend of ours on twitter actually had us convinced that Pearl Jam was covering the Kings of Leon with this song. The fact that he was cruelly lying to us (or "joking", as he put it) doesn't change the reality that this song does sound like something out of the Followill family's catalog. Since it was so believable, it seems natural to have the Kings go ahead and put their touch to it, especially since they wouldn't have to do a bunch of work changing it up to fit their sound.

Song: Love Shack
Original Artist: The B-52's
Who Should Cover It: Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears
Go on, YOU tell our inner child this wouldn't be the most fun song ever.

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