Slim Thug Laments the Recession's Impact on His Entourage, Video Hos on The Daily Show

Houston's own Boss of All Bosses, Slim Thug, got six minutes of face time on The Daily Show Wednesday night, in correspondent Wyatt Cenac's report on how the recession is affecting the economics of making it rain and other perks of the baller lifestyle. Some of the things Thugga has had to adjust to, he says, are downsizing from a tour bus to a van, eating in strip clubs in place of making it rain, and not only a reduction in the number of "video hos" on hand at shoots, but said hos' children running around on the set and taking all the food from craft services. The segment concludes with an Apprentice-style boardroom meeting where Slim has to serve walking papers to one of his entourage. Rappers: They're just like us!

Tune in to TDS tonight for the premiere of Slim's new video, "Still a Boss," featuring recession-conscious lyrics like "messin' mothafuckas up with my credit score."

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