Random Notes from ACL: The Grass Is Always Greener...

acl field.JPG
Chris Gray
It's a little more crowded than this at Zilker now, but it was fun while it lasted.
The grass is especially sweet at this year's ACL festival. The new turf at Zilker Park is nice too.

Now we are in the media tent, surrounded by friends and family: Rocks Off's Austin Chronicle mentor (and Lucinda Williams wedding date) Margaret Moser is here, Trail of Dead and Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights and Ron Byrd from Prescott Curlywolf, our favorite musical doctor, just stopped by. Daniel Johnston is being interviewed about 20 feet away. We are having fun and hope it holds out.

ACL's days as a regional phenomenon are over. Moser tells Rocks Off that about 30 percent of her plane from Philadelphia, where she just returned from tending to some family business, was people chattering about the festival. She answered a lot of questions.

The Austin chapter of the nationwide School of Rock fraternity - sort of like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but with real instruments - played "Hot for Teacher." Is this the first song they have to learn? It should be.

Message on the pack of Parliament lights we bought for $8 at the Zilker General Store: "'Lights' does NOT mean safer. It refers to taste. 'Lights' won't help you quit smoking." Are people really this stupid nowadays?

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