Please Help Us Give Away This Live Nation "Club Passport" We've Been Sitting on for Way Too Long

[Note: While we're on the subject of House of Blues shows, please note the Goodie Mob/Scarface concert scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 14.]

DriveByTruckers web.jpg
Once again Rocks Off allowed ourselves to get distracted and nearly forgot we've got this Live Nation "Club Passport" to give away. Hey, we're busy. But we need to get this thing passed along to its proper owners, whoever they may be, like, NOW. In case you forgot, it gets the winner and a guest into any non-sold-out show at House of Blues (such as Drive-By Truckers, above) until the end of the year, so there's still a good two months of live music fun to be had.

So anyway, we asked readers to send in photos of themselves backstage or anywhere else with rock stars (or at least musicians besides their friends and loved ones, preferably from out of town). We got six entries, and one guy sent in three photos, but since we didn't say "one per customer," any one is fair game. The way we're going to decide this is simple, and y'all all get to help us: Vote for whichever photo you like the best in the comments.

We'll give you until 6 p.m. Tuesday, then go over the results and announce the winner Wednesday morning. See the entries after the jump...


Dan "Mr Castillo" Castillo and Lemmy from Motorhead (right): "This photo of Lemmy and I was taken by Craig [Hlavaty] at the Motorhead show. Thought I'd throw it in the running."

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