Morning Metal: Get Ready for a Rocks Off Halloween With a Little Candlemass

It's hard to believe that the next Rocks Off Beatles Rock Band event is only a week away. Next Tuesday, we once again seize Coffee Groundz (2503 Bagby) for another night of dranking and fake guitar-strumming. The cool thing about this party is that it's a Halloween costume party, and you know what that means: drunken slutty cops and Jokers singing "All You Need Is Love." We have been watching plenty of videos like the one above to get costume ideas.

This is Swedish doom legends Candlemass with "Bewitched," from 1987's Nightfall. The video contains random cloaked girls in graveyards and a horde of wispy-'stached Camaro drivers stomping in the snow. Sadly, no music videos exist from their debut album with the coolest name ever: Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

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