Another Chapter of the Rocks Off Beatles Rock Band Saga Is In the Books

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
Despite some technical difficulties that got things off to a late start, Rocks Off and several of our friends had a fine time at our "Helter Skelter Halloween" party Tuesday evening at Coffee Groundz. Special thanks to the one or two of you who actually showed up in costume - we told anyone who asked we were dressed like Johnny Cash, but we pretty much dress like Johnny Cash every day - and to the guys who showed us how to hook up the Rock Band guitar controllers without one of those wireless adapter doohickeys that mysteriously turned up missing after the Best of Houston party at Lucky's Pub.

We are finally starting to get the hang of Beatles Rock Band, especially the bass, and enjoy playing it more and more every time. That said, we have no idea how some of the folks who showed up Tuesday navigate those guitar parts. It just looks like a bunch of brightly colored dots to us, but we're learning. And Rocks Off's brother John is turning out to be a fine virtual drummer. He's definitely got blisters on his fingers this morning.

We are now in the midst of planning some sort of Rocks Off Rock Band Thanksgiving event for next month. We'll let you know more details as soon as we figure them out ourselves. See more photos from Tuesday after the jump.

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