Cutout Bin: Linda Petty, Dallas Diva of a Thousand Goosebumps

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Linda Petty and the Main Event

Linda (no label)

When Cutout Bin first saw Linda Petty's album, it shone like a diamond from the tattered pile of thrift-store vinyl in front of us. Piercing eyes that knifed into our bosom, a torso enveloped in crimson explosions of glory, a shimmering ring like a bejeweled walnut adorning her delicate hand, and a head of hair like the top of a delicious, glowing muffin, fresh from the oven. We were transfixed.

The back cover sealed the deal. The many moods of Linda... an array of looks that could bring a tear as easily as they could crack a smile. Then we noticed that Linda Petty is from Dallas. Is it possible? Could this ephemeral songbird, this delightful chanteuse be so near at hand?


Linda Petty & the Main Event, "Crazy"

It's true. COB found her Web site, a marvel of purple velvet and animated gifs. A treasure trove of CDs and MP3 samples! We found her press kit, where she promises a "musical event that can send both your audience and the critics into a frenzy of a thousand goosebumps!" We found her Facebook page, and became her second fan.

Linda Petty, "Main Event/Fight"

We must experience Linda in the flesh. She has a busy gig schedule, between the supper clubs and gay bars. But look! Tonight!! At the International Design Center's "Champagne and Chocolate" reception!


Road trip, anyone?

Linda Petty & the Main Event, "Stormy Weather"

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