ACL 2009 Day One: Karen O Doesn't Swallow, She Spits

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs threw one hell of a party last night on the AMD Stage at ACL. Karen O came out dressed in what looked like a giant hipster Snuggie, her head and face mostly obscured by its fabric, while the stage itself housed an enormous eyeball and at least a metric ton of blue glitter.

Photos by Groovehouse
​One of the highlights was Karen O enthusiastically spitting water into the air at least a couple of times during the show.

​The crowd seemed to love it, too.


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tree of life jewelry
tree of life jewelry

Between the giant all-seeing eye, the fountain-like water spitting (although it's a step up from the more traditional beer-spitting) and the costume changes that included a face mask eerily reminiscent of the Jigsaw mask from the Saw movies, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs put on one hell of a show last night.

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