The Dong Show

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Here at Rocks Off, we do a lot of research for our wildly popular and intellectually enlightening album cover slideshows. As part of that research, we've found many of those albums to be highly concentrated on the male goinrular area. So at long last, and just in time for the weekend, we've compiled many of them into one pace. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Dong Show. Prrrrrrrobably not safe for work.

black dick.jpg
Black Dick for President: We're not sure what it means to be "black-rated," but we're absolutely positive we want a Plain Talkin' Records t-shirt for Christmas.

Thumbnail image for happy-hour.jpg
King Missile: Yes, this is the album with "Detachable Penis" on it. Not too subtle.

Captain Beyond: This one's a bit of a "Where's Waldo?", except Waldo is a corkscrew robo-boner.

1999: Check out that number 1 in 1999. The Little Mermaid VHS cover was less ambiguous.

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