Sound Off on The Kanye's Jackassery at Sunday Night's VMAs

kanye taylor beyonce.JPG
This is what happens when MTV pulls all its VMA footage from YouTube... their lawyers were up early this morning.

By now you've seen or at least heard about Kanye West's latest bit of spotlight-grabbing at Sunday night's MTV awards - Rocks Off doubts morning-drive DJs are talking about little else (Serena Williams, cough) - when Mr. "Love Lockdown" interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to let everyone know he thought Beyonce should have won. Which she did, a little later for Video of the Year, and graciously gave up her speech time so Swift could finish hers.

By now such publicity stunts are old hat for Kanye, and honestly, this shit got old after the 1998 Grammys of "Soy Bomb" and Ol' Dirty Bastard rushing the stage with the immortal interjection "Wu-Tang is for the children!"

Rocks Off would just like to get your opinion on a couple of things: How big an ass is The Kanye now? And how classy is Beyonce?

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