Friday Night Noise: Hearts of Animals' She-Stew, Telecult Powers' Buzz 'n' Chirp, Ascites Update

Ascites Update!

Last week FNN took on "Soft Adult Contemporary" from Ascites' Incisional Drainage album, all the while bemoaning a dearth of background and label information. Well, turns out that Ascites read the post; members Nathan Golub and Matt Coffey reached out to FNN via email, filling in some blanks. So here's some stuff you should know about Ascites:

  • They're from Dallas! Besides Golub and Coffey, the members are Alex C. and Randa Golub, who is Nathan's wife.

  • They're playing Super Happy Fun Land October 9 with Rosemary Malign, Last Rape, Zahava, Murex, and other ne'erdowells. So clear your schedule, mark your calendars, and start Googling Napalm recipes.

  • They aren't signed to a label just yet, though they're working on that now. If you wanna buy their albums, write to Nathan at

  • They know people in Sweden. Do you?

Hearts of Animals, "Maybe": Hearts of Animals is the dreamcore/dreampop/dreamnoise project of Houston's Mlee Suprean. FNN is a sucker for this kind of filtered-to-Siberia she-stew, so "Maybe" has been racking up the plays since we found it online earlier this week; this shit is like haunted-house nirvana, like you wandered into the Olde Mitchell Mansion down the street on a dare, expecting Jason Voorhees or animated skeletons or rabid corpses to knock over the furniture to devour you.

But instead, the sole occupant is a comely-if-slightly mad ghost who would like, very much, to serenade you with wavelength-smushed keyboard and vocal scales that echo like hallucinations as they drift upstairs, then downstairs, then upstairs again, glowing red, then cotton-candy pink, then blood-red again, forever. Will you make it out alive? Will you even wanna leave? That's a chance you'll have to take.

Telecult Powers, "The Tushita Heaven": Spend enough time writing about music for a not-quite-living and it'll start to seem as though everything worth keeping up with is happening somewhere in or near the greater New York City metropolitan area. Forgive us, but in a lot of ways, that's kinda true.

Telecult Powers - a.k.a. Mister Matthews and Witchbeam; why not? - hail from Brooklyn and make eerily arresting electronic buzz 'n' chirp using a homemade gear setup that allegedly includes synths and effects pedals. "The Tushita Heaven" plays out over 26 extra-dimensional minutes, a heaving, slow-mo ocean of digital tbbbhpt, cyborg birdsong and cicada-wing flap that generally fluxuates between two very close-set poles but sometimes ascends to a mightily distorted boil before quickly turning tail and rushing back down.

This track is part of a free live set, but the Powers (not to be confused with the long-dead Marvel comic Power Pack) have plenty of limited-edition swag out there for sale that's probably equally as spiritual an experience. You know what? We miss Double Leopards and their subdermal, all-sources-feed-into-the-astral-beyond drone as much as anyone else, but this sort of third-eyes a'flutter business is definitely helping me get over it.

Got some hot Texas noise tips - or, hell, any noise tips - for us? Hit FNN up with MP3s or Web site links - but not MySpace links, seriously, because we can't access those at work and at home every spare moment is spoken for - at

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