Aftermath: Blondie, Graceful and Casual at the Arena Theatre

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Photos by Daniel Kramer

Even at today's prices, dreaming is free. That's why an evening with Blondie is such a bargain. Sandwiched between the Donnas (who sounded tight and sassy from the will call line) and Pat Benatar (still "Invincible"), Debbie Harry's crew navigated the Arena's revolving stage with casual grace and veteran cool. Once they got used to it, anyway - "I'm dizzy," laughed singer Debbie Harry at one point.

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So was the audience after Blondie's hour-long barrage of clean, no-frills New Wave. Setting the table with teeth-baring versions of "Call Me" and "Hanging on the Telephone," Blondie brought more than just the hits and truly blossomed on the gorgeous "Fade Away and Radiate," soaring "Maria" and an extended "Atomic" that felt lighter than air. One way or another, Harry always gets her man.

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