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We watched our pals @JanelleMonae @ofmontreal_fans tear up the stage before...and after...all sang "my jamaican guy" like we had one. 2:08 AM Jul 27

there was also a 4 year old glow-stick rave going on with Julezie & some other kids with Gracey dancing with a mannequin as the backdrop. 2:13 AM Jul 27


Man why everyone keeps talking about me cutting my hair today? I know I been low key but my hair been cut since before Obama got in office. 1:10 AM Jul 28

Everybody that wanna quit energy drinks too sign here__________ 7:49 PM Jul 27

Wild Moccasins

He's 21!!!! 1:19 AM Jul 23

Fat Tony

fuck them hoes about 11 hours ago

for real. its a waste of time & talking. get money & a wife(y) niggas about 11 hours ago

a waste outside of actual fucking, that is. that's typically time well spent. about 11 hours ago

Mechanical Boy

@__littleJ Indeed. My life will have meant something if I can be banned, de facto or de jure, from 2 countries for child molestation. 11:29 PM Jul 14


All Micheal Jackson coverage #goawaywednesday 17 minutes ago

Young Mammals

nyc, we are here and looking for your turtles. thanks to @chestersoria for hosting us. 8:01 PM Jul 18


Followers of Versecity.. We are fairly new to twitter so please Help spread the word and get us more Followers on Twitter!! Thanks 3 minutes ago

Joe Mathlete

If you are depressed / By your own high school yearbook / You're living life wrong 1:50 AM Jul 22

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