The Last Roundup: A Palin Resignation Playlist, Texas Heat Fizzles, Mathletes LP Release and More

There's always that one thing that makes the week great, even though it's barely begun. This week, it comes courtesy of Houston Music Examiner David Sadof's three-part playlist for Sarah Palin's resignation.

The Texas Heat Music Festival's goose was cooked, says 29-95.

Thought things were slow over on Weworemasks, then these remixes (Jay Z, Kid Cudi, E-40, etc.) came up.

Post-holiday Mondays are always the worst. That probably explains the Black Heart Procession MP3 in Dryvetyme's Media Monday list.

Need something to do this Thursday? Young Mammals kickoff a tour at Mango's. IndieHouston has the details.

Hands Up Houston delivers two bits of good news: An early warning for Mathletes' album-release gig next month, and Golden Cities' first local show after the band's recent tour this Sunday.

Alice In Chains is releasing a new album?! Houston Music Examiner says WTF too.

Cocaine Blunts is keeping the excitement over Wale fresh in everyone's mind.

In case you haven't heard it, Space City Rock has a local mixtape featuring the majority of H-town's most talented. Check it out.

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