Slide Show: July 4 at 3700 Main

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Chris Gray
Hats off to a fine Fourth of July on the Island.

With the sun beating down to the tune of 100 degrees in the shade and police checkpoints every mile or so, Rocks Off decided the most prudent way to spend his Fourth of July was to stay put. Luckily, the Island was hopping with a burlesque show and backyard barbecue at the Continental Club, garage-rock-versus-fatback-R&B DJ showdown at the Big Top and the usual case of Saturday night fever at the Mink. It turned out to be a fine Independence Day (and night) indeed.

Click here for a slideshow.

The live music Saturday was especially aces. Buckshot's deadeye covers of Billy Joe Shaver and Kevin Fowler were as sweltering as the twilight weather on the Continental's patio, while Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers' Haggardesque honky-tonk sounded steelier than ever inside. Later on, Rocks Off had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of three new (new to us, anyway) Bayou City Bands: Grizzly's menacing, man-size roots-rock, Holy Fiction's expansive yet pensive soundscapes and Slow Motion Rider's spastic deep-psych space jams. And did we mention there was a burlesque dancer?

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