MP3 of the Day: Flowers to Hide

flowers to hide.jpg
Here's a nice little Friday-afternoon rocker for all you clockwatchers out there. It's "503," a snappy account of touring life by Houston's Flowers to Hide, the opener of the quartet's 2008 EP Down the Stairs. The lickety-split pacing and brazen guitars reminds Rocks Off of beloved '80s nightwatchmen like Gene Loves Jezebel and the Jesus & Mary Chain; in other words, we like this song a lot. It's also easy to see why FTH was tapped to be the Cure at last year's Hootenanny festival at the Mink, something we wouldn't mind at all if they brought back soon. Catch FTH next Saturday at Meridian with Southern indie-rockers the Beauvilles and Live Light.

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