HPMA: We Have Even More Winners: Los Skarnales, KPFT, Ryan Scroggins, Little Joe Washington

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Chris Gray

No performer, but here's presenter Hailey Frances of Channel 39. She's pretty.

Best Latin Contemporary: Los Skarnales. That trophy case has got to be getting pretty crowded at this point.

Best Radio Station: KPFT. Another snippy acceptance speech. "We don't have a university backing us up. We don't have a church backing us up, unless it's the church of the blues."

Best Keyboards: Ryan Scroggins. "If Earl Gilliam was here tonight, I'd give this to him. Sorry I didn't play keyboards tonight. I will next time."

Best Blues: Little Joe, who had to be helped onstage this time. And is not letting go of poor Hailey Frances. What he lacks in coherence, Little Joe makes up for in gratitude and enthusiasm. We are currently trying to find one of tonight's performers for him to sit in with. Now he's talking about his hat, which is pretty stylin'. Flamin' Hellcats are next - can he sit in with them, maybe?


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