The Big Tweet: Special David Byrne Edition

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Craig Hlavaty
Rocks Off was hardly the only one who enjoyed David Byrne's show Monday night at Jones Hall. His eclectic, polyglot post-punk/funk presentation brought out all sorts of Twitterers, or those who wished they were there...

@CodyScott: "Wilco tonight. Though I think I'd rather be at David Byrne. Jealous."

sorch1: "I feel like I know half of the people at the David Byrne show and the other half is batshit insane."

kingofgrief: "Waiting on David Byrne from the 2nd row of Jones Hall. Hopefully the new material will be kept to a minimum."

immlass: "Summing up the glory of this show: David Byrne sang Burning Down the House in a tutu."

discoballs: "Best late night tour experience so far (or ever): running into David byrne at a truck stop. (via @st_vincent)"

lizzyjoyce: "David byrne and company killed it tonight. That was a great show!"

danjoyce: "David Byrne definitely burnt down the house. Sick show!"

kingofgrief: "Didn't get a picture with David Byrne. Or an autograph. But he has my business card. His move."

CraigHlavaty: "You gotta try harder than that to weird me out David Byrne. Could you try to be anymore like Yanni? Seriously."

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