The Big Tweet: Houston Sounds Off on Jenny Lewis Guitarist's Scolding

Craig Hlavaty
Although Rocks Off agrees with a commenter from our review that people really need to STFU when they go to concerts, especially if the music is intimate and acoustic - if you want to talk at Warehouse Live, folks, Lucky's Pub is right next door - Jenny Lewis' rhythm guitarist Johnathan Rice really stirred up a hornet's nest Wednesday night when he pointed out that Lewis' Austin and Dallas audiences did not feel the a similar need to converse during her set.

It's not like Houston has any kind of chip on its shoulder about those two cities or anything. Here's a brief selection of the Tweets that were flying fast and furious during and after the show. As always, please follow Rocks Off at We promise to follow you back.

chalupamecrazy: "@OfficialAudrina im kinda sad you disrespected jenny lewis by using her music for a freakin burger commercial."

xy22y: "@da7id Jenny Lewis was great. Controversy when she stopped during her acoustic set because the crowd was chatty. @skyl3r @lablakely"

astromark: "'@clickwindrepeat @groovehouse @thehza Better tact would be for Jenny Lewis to say, "Boy you guys are loud, but at least you aren't Detroit!"

Zharleen: "Just woke up. First thought? Jenny Lewis was next to me last night singing 'Acid Tongue.'"

theredshift: "Really enjoyed the Heartless Bastards/Jenny Lewis show last night, even though Jenny told the crowd to shut up."

amneZEEac: "I MET JENNY FUCKING LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

clickwindrepeat: "So the big news from the Jenny Lewis show yesterday is that she's human, not a china doll. Big deal. She was good."

librariansti: "Wish I had gotten more sleep last night, but I'm still riding the high from the Jenny Lewis show last night! So so awesome."

russelldamuscle: "Jenny Lewis let me down, and her guitar player is an Allman Brothers reject douchebag. Wasted 30 dollars."

deneyterrio: "I like Jenny Lewis last night even if her idiot guitar player bashed Houston. Here she is in better times"

Fayza: "After reading the rolling commentary about the Jenny Lewis show, I'm okay with missing it now. I can see brats preen for free. Sad, Jenny."

philip_jones: "Regret not driving back to Austin to see Jenny Lewis. Thanks Houston for not shutting the f up. At least she handled poor crowd with grace."

dereklm: "Jenny Lewis = good, Houston crowd = as awful as you could possibly imagine, Jenny Lewis encore = surprisingly awesome"

loveliergrl: "Thanks Houstonians for talking during 1 of the only lovey dovey songs Jenny Lewis has. Thanks for talking so much that she stopped singing."

dreamingofjune: "just got back from jenny lewis show. some artists need to be taken down a peg."

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